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The B2B Marketplace for the Food Industry – WEGOTRADE. deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es makes you easy to deal with. deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es connects you and your potential business partners through an online platform. Once you’re connected, deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es serves as a trading platform that makes the paperwork as easy as ever – for instance through generic digital and legally binding contracts and other manageable forms – and that helps you keep track of your orders and contracts. deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es is a Dublin-based FinTech with the aim of building a platform which offers corporate clients a digital one-stop shop for their trade transactions. Erste Group Bank AG, together with other banking partners, co-developed deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es from the very beginning and is a shareholder of the FinTech. deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es uses IBM Blockchain to create a connected platform to simplify international trade Founded by a consortium of major banks in Europe, deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es connects buyers, sellers and their banks in a network that uses IBM blockchain technology to help simplify international trading.

Our user-friendly platform allows you to quickly publish your entire catalog in just a few clicks. Trade with your existing customers or open new markets — you decide who can buy from you on our marketplace. You can even create a private and fully customized B2B community for your business clients. Store and restaurant owners, franchisees and other retailers in the food industry can access WEGOTRADE from their smartphone or from a user-friendly web interface to place orders.

No more waiting for a sales rep, no faxes, no more emails to type or phone calls to make. Click and order! Do you usually invest in an order taking solution for the retailers, then in another solution for your sales representatives? WEGOTRADE allows you, in the same solution, to obtain an order taking solution for your customers as for your sales representatives.

PUBLISH YOUR CATALOG NOW. Create Your Account. WEGOTRADE gathers buyers and sellers of the food industry on a single platform, enabling fast, secure and simple trade between them.

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After several weeks of joint work, the parties start the immediate development with this MoU, for the interconnection of the two platforms for trade transactions, allowing corporates in we. This signifies the first and unprecedented connection between two large-scale blockchain trade finance platforms. Interconnection of blockchain networks is a key requirement to expand the reach of members and services that each individual network offers: with this MoU, we.

Leveraging the unique features of blockchain technology, eTradeConnect aims to build better trust among trade participants, improve efficiency, reduce risks and facilitate trade counterparties to obtain financing by digitising trade documents and automating trade finance processes. Since the launch of we. The collaboration between eTradeConnect and we. The two platforms share a common vision of facilitating cross-border trades through establishing global connectivity.

The collaboration of the two platforms with similar functions using similar technology also creates strong bonding and synergy, towards the development of a global network of networks. This paves the way for a digitised trade corridor between Asia and Europe for trade finance business. Haster Tang, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Trade Finance Platform Company Limited, said „We are delighted to collaborate with we. The cross-blockchain connectivity between eTradeConnect and We.

Roberto Mancone, COO, we.

we trade platform

English traders berlin

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we trade platform

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We use cookies to help us to deliver our services. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you may change your preferences at our Cookie Centre. Please read our Privacy Policy. The we. Sponsored: [On-Demand Webinar] How banks are combining technology and education to combat fraud. Write a blog post about this story membership required. Nordea joins trade finance blockchain consortium we.

R3 and 12 banks plan overhaul of open-account trade finance. HSBC automates documentary trade processing with IBM. Mizuho completes DLT-based trade finance transaction. News in your inbox For Finextra’s free daily newsletter, breaking news and flashes and weekly job board. Sign Up. Wholesale banking. Blockchain Transaction banking Trade finance.

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Over the last week several companies have executed trades, via 5 banks. These trades signify the first commercially viable open account trades harnessing blockchain technology. Many banks and companies are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to trade internationally. The we. These transactions prove that we. We are delighted to have launched for the first time in the world, a blockchain based platform that enhances the overall customer experience when trading internationally.

The next step will be getting buy-in from additional banks and their customers in Europe and further afield, said Roberto Mancone, Chief Operations Officer, we.

we trade platform

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Nordea launches blockchain-based we. European financial services giant Nordea has announced that it is launching blockchain-based we. Built on the IBM Blockchain platform using Hyperledger Fabric, the we. Nordea joined the cohort in November In July , it announced that the first live trade transactions have been conducted on its platform. Nordea said that it is launching the platform following a successful soft launch last month. It added that the we.

Magnus Montan, head of Business Banking, said that while SMEs are increasingly getting involved in cross border trading, they face some common challenges including trusting their overseas trading partners. It is about enabling trade and with we. The platform ensures security as trading is controlled through a set of rules, as well as offers flexibility as the parties can choose, for example, what events will trigger payments. Sun, 08 Aug , 04 : 42 AM UTC English.

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If you are looking for an innovative and digital solution for trade transactions and if you want to have those displayed online. Additionally, if you want to protect yourself against risks e. This non-recourse financing service provides the seller with improved liquidity. Erste Group Bank AG, together with other banking partners, co-developed we. This unique service is currently being offered by 13 large European banks in 15 countries.

Even if there is still some way to go until it achieves global acceptance, the awards that we. More information on we. Skip navigation. Transparent Secure Efficient. Contact us Login. What are the benefits of we. Ensures transparency and security in your business relationships A comprehensive view within a digital trade platform that provides you with the status of all your trade transactions. Mitigates your risk Allows you to protect yourself financially against debtor risk due to late payments, defaults, unknown suppliers, structurally weaker countries, etc.

Saves time and money Automated monitoring of the contractual terms and payment without delay upon fulfilment of the Smart Contract.

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Deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es – A new digital trade platform to simplify trade finance processes for companies by addressing the challenge of managing, tracking and securing domestic Global Transaction Banking – UniCredit. deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es Innovation DAC develops and licenses the world’s first enterprise-grade blockchain-enabled trade finance platform. Through distributed ledger technology and smart contracts, deliciasdelmaestrazgo.es

Many companies depend on import and export to grow their businesses. Now we. The platform registers the entire trade process from order to payment, showing you everything online in an at-a-glance flow chart. Just one click gives you access to integrated banking services that ensure payment security and financing:. If everything goes as contractually agreed, payment is made automatically by virtue of the underlying smart contract.

Put simply, we. Was this page useful to you? Home Services we. What is we. What are the benefits?

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